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iScope® was developed by Stephen Hadhazi, a public insurance adjuster and software developer from Texas. As a public insurance adjuster, Hadhazi found himself frustrated with other loss estimating tools. From the tedious nature of entering the same redundant line items into estimates to difficulties adding photos, custom statements, and other items, Hadhazi knew that there had to be a better way.

After trying numerous loss estimating software programs and spending hundreds of dollars on products that didn't solve common problems, Hadhazi put his software development expertise to work and built the software from the ground up. Understanding his own frustrations were likely shared by other adjusters, he decided to share iScope® with colleagues. The use of macros and sub-macros and the ability to add custom line items proved popular and iScope® was well received.

As more colleagues found iScope® to be useful and out of a desire to help his fellow adjusters, Hadhazi made it available to the contracting & public insurance adjusting industry at large. Register for iScopeCloud today and experience loss estimating software tailored to the contracting & public insurance adjusting profession.Click here for leasing our software.